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Just got a new freezer with the intention to freeze a mass of B&W film including Kodak HIE.
I intend to wrap each roll individually in cling film then bag up in tens.
Does this sound OK and how long should they last?
Cheers JON.
Hi Jon,
Don't use cling film as it will lose its clingy-ness after a short time in the cold.

Double bag them using zip lock bags. This is what I have done with my HIE rolls. I bagged say 2 per small zip lock bag, then into a larger zip-lock bag, I placed about 4 or 5 of the smaller bags of two.

BTW when you wrote "wrap each roll individually" I HOPE for HIE you meant "wrap each canister individually" !! DO NOT OPEN the HIE canisters until you are ready to use the HIE - and then in total darkness. In fact the same goes for any 35mm film canisters (wrt exposure to the atmosphere not light) as the seal should be fine for offering a layer of protection and the canister most likely already contains an inert gas anyway (assuming it has never been opened after leaving the factory).

Contrary to other replies you received in this thread, I have been unable to find any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) that HIE won't last at least 10-15 years when frozen. In fact I remember reading once that somebody had success thawing a roll that was frozen for about 10 years (IIRC).

Here is the latest thread I remember contributing to on this very same topic.