Sandy, your results are similar - but not identical to mine. I notice (your Azo Forum post) that you developed for 2 minutes in both developers.

I developed for 1 minute (- 0, +5 sec) in MS amidol at 21C, followed by the MS recommended (strong) acetic acid stop bath & fix.

I diluted the Ansco 130 stock 1:1 with water and developed for 2.5 minutes (- 0, +5 sec) at 21C, followed by a standard strength acetic acid stop bath & fix.

I did not tone the prints - I wanted to compare image tone/color after dry down. I can always tone them later - if I wish.

David, Morris Germain states that contrast can be controlled with Ansco 130 by dilution of the stock solution.

Morris Germain recommends a 1:1 dilution for normal contrast; undiluted for high contrast; 2:1 for low contrast. I expect that use of a water bath would also lower contrast.

Recall that Ansel Adams left out the Hydroquinone, which yielded a soft working version of Ansco 130 with lower contrast and delicate fine detail rendering characteristics. He would then add Hydroquinone - if needed - to increase contrast.