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There are 3 editions of Mason. They are 1966, 1975 and 1979.

Another fine book is "Photographic Chemicals and Solutions" by Crabtree and Matthews but being from 1939 is rather dated.
I have Mason's 1966 ed (wasn't aware of the 1979...) and Crabtree and Matthews. I find them both indispensable. C & M seems, to me, to more directly address some topics in chemical formulation.

I used Haist extensively in college, when I had easy access to the library copy. I haven't seen Mason's 1979 edition (this roughly corresponds to Haist's publication date), but in my opinion, Haist is incomparable. It is truly exhaustive in scope (and rather massive, with 2 volumes, one for b/w and one for color).

I also have Mees & James 3rd edition (1966). That book is just plain daunting... :o