I went to process a roll of 120 J&C Pro 100 this evening. I loaded the tank and somehow managed to brain fart and I mixed 350ml of Rodinal 1:25 instead of 600ml. I was almost 1:30 into a 6 minute developing time before I realized that I screwed the pooch. I called to my wife (actually I screamed to Liz to get her butt in here - QUICK!) who mixed another 300ml for me while I slowly agitated the tank. It was just over 2 full minutes since the start of the process when the rest of the developer went into the tank.

I figured that the roll was going to be horrible, with a line of demarkation showing the length of the roll. Well, the Rodinal Gods must have decided that my images were worthy because there is no discernable problem with the film!

Rodinal - Rx for brain farts!