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Contrary to other replies you received in this thread, I have been unable to find any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) that HIE won't last at least 10-15 years when frozen. In fact I remember reading once that somebody had success thawing a roll that was frozen for about 10 years (IIRC).

Here is the latest thread I remember contributing to on this very same topic.

Hi Peter,

I too am surprised about these comments: from my own experience: I have used HIE film (re spooled from a big roll by Rolland Elliot), frozen for about 6 years, used last summer without any problem. That said: 35mm rolls form the very first MACO run (have to look that one up, I guess about 7 years ago) did loose their IR sensitivity after about 3-4 years, even when kept frozen at -20degC

Luckily I haven't seen this phenomena with my frozen stock of 4*5 inch MACO
IR film, but these sheets are younger than the mentioned prototype 35mm film