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Hi Peter,

I too am surprised about these comments: from my own experience: I have used HIE film (re spooled from a big roll by Rolland Elliot), frozen for about 6 years, used last summer without any problem. That said: 35mm rolls form the very first MACO run (have to look that one up, I guess about 7 years ago) did loose their IR sensitivity after about 3-4 years, even when kept frozen at -20degC

Luckily I haven't seen this phenomena with my frozen stock of 4*5 inch MACO
IR film, but these sheets are younger than the mentioned prototype 35mm film


Hi Cor,

The dye used by MACO film is different to that used by Kodak's HIE, so it would be an unfair comparison if we attempt to assume the same for HIE.

Secondly, the younger MACO film may be a better product than the one you experienced problems with. As MACO hasn't had as much time or resources as Kodak to improve the quality of their formulations.