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Hi Cor,

The dye used by MACO film is different to that used by Kodak's HIE, so it would be an unfair comparison if we attempt to assume the same for HIE.

Secondly, the younger MACO film may be a better product than the one you experienced problems with. As MACO hasn't had as much time or resources as Kodak to improve the quality of their formulations.


I was not comparing both dyes, AFAIK was the MACO film made by EFKE, they used "normal" pan film (100 asa) and "doped" it with an IR sensitive dye, so that's why it needs heavier filtering that HIE resulting in very low speed.

HIE was a emulsion sepcialy designed to register IR light.

I also mentioned that I did not have problems with younger emulsion runs of MACO (in 4*5) format.

Nowadays MACO does not offer IR film by EFKE anymore, EFKE is marketing it by itself (oa through Freestyle),