I have two small kids and have to all processing in the bathroom. I had some worries about the pyro as well. After posing the question here I took the responses to a chemist and he agreed wiht what Sandy and others on this forum wrote.

Get the premixed kind or use a mask and mix it where there is a heck of a lot of ventalation (i.e use common sense)

clean any spills before they dry. (common sense)

use gloves when you develope to avoid the possibility of getting it in broken skin. (common sense)

Never leave any chemicals at baby height (common sense)

So I decided that if I used common sense I would be fine.

After using it for a while I decided that the pyro made getting a usable neg for POP printing was easier than getting one with a non staining developer. Especially since I was using a film that did not react well to increased development. Who knows. I could be full of crap and the pyro amke no difference what so ever but I use it any way.