I recently created a website for a friend with a cigar shop. He gave me one of his cigar boxes which I made into a 4x5 format pinhole camera. I designed it around my Polaroid 545i film holder which is a tad larger than the box. I cut off the back of the box, painted the inside black and drilled holes for the pinhole, tripod mount, and other hardware. The 545 back is held in place by a piece of brass and pressed against some weather stripping.

The pinhole was drilled into a square piece of sanded coke can at about .4mm using a #78 hobby drill. f stop is around f222 with an image circle of about 6 inches. I may need to widen the hole in front of the pinhole to prevent vignetting.

Below is the first image from this camera. I have a light leak in the upper right of the camera to fix. Exposure was made late in the day on Polaroid type 55 (iso 50) for 5 mins (could have gone longer for reciprocity effect). My daughter sat on one side of the bench for the first half of the exposure then moved to the other side. I metered using a sekonic light meter. It indicated 20seconds at iso50 f57 which is ~4 f-stops below my f stop of f222.

Suport: Manfrotto tripod with Giottos ball head fitted with video QR sytem. Overkill for this little camera.