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I'm impressed with the way that fotoimpex responded to complaints about ClassicPan 400 to produce a better film, and in general the importers of East European films have stepped up to provide film for formats that most people would think of as obsolete, like 127, Cirkut, 2x3 sheet film, ULF sheet sizes, odd and custom sizes. I think that signals a place for these smaller more flexible manufacturers to provide services to niche markets that the major manufacturers are abandoning. If you want a special order from Kodak or Fuji, that's thousands of dollars in minimum order, and then they might not always do it.

Where Lisco/Fidelity is cutting back on unpopular filmholder formats, S&S, Tachihara, Lotus, and AWB are stepping in.

Wisner is making more ULF cameras and is taking orders for a new 4x5" SLR of all things.

Littman, Dean Jones and others are converting old Polaroid 110's to 4x5".

So maybe Canon and Nikon aren't doing much in the way of developing new 35mm film cameras. Do we really need them? Plenty of old cameras are out there that take perfectly fine pictures.
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