[QUOTE=srs5694;576820]Andrey, is there any particular reason you're looking for D-72 vs. Dektol?[quote]
No reason really.
Is it just that you're curious where your club was getting something it called "D-72?"
Yes. That's the chemistry that I used, just because it was there. Now I want to keep using it, and I expected to find it on sale somewhere.
If so, they could have had somebody mixing it from scratch or just labeled their Dektol "D-72."

I wouldn't be at all surprised if somebody markets something based on the D-72 formula under a name other than "D-72" or "Dektol," much as Ilford sells something based on D-76 as "ID-11." I don't know of a specific product that fits this description, though; I'm just speculating that somebody may have done/be doing it.
Gotcha. Thanks.