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So if it is VC paper then get a set of filters to enable you to set the correct grade.
Some enlargers have built-in filters that can be used for adjusting the contrast of VC papers, obviating the need for a separate filter set. Color enlargers have cyan, magenta, and yellow filters, and you'd use the magenta and/or yellow filters to adjust VC contrast. A few enlargers have just the magenta and yellow filters. A few others use red, green, and blue filters in an additive arrangement, which is equivalent to using the subtractive cyan, magenta, and yellow filters.

In any event, pentaxuser is quite correct that filters will help you get the correct contrast out of a VC paper, but you may have several filter options, depending on your enlarger. If you need more help on this score, post details about your enlarger, including its model and descriptions of any knobs or dials you see that might be filter controls.