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Thanks for mentioning uCVc Brian, having been made persona non grata in the RFF shop quite some time ago I had no idea the uCVc was out there! Just signed up.
No worries. For a time Gandy was banning any reference to the uCVc on the RFF (i.e. if anyone would post a link to a review or article there the post would be deleted by a mod...not photo.nut or any other site...just uCVc). I'm not sure if he's still doing that.

Also I saw mention of rfcameras.org on uCVc, but get a domain default page when I navigate there. Does anyone know if the site is down, or is there a problem at my end? I'm running Safari or Firefox on Intel mac.
Yeah, it didn't last long. There were a couple users that really beat the forums admin to death and he just threw in the towel.