hi helen

i never did that as a technique to make my original exposure on the paper, but when i had problem prints i used to do something similar to that when i burned. i remember les explaing a similar techique but i can't put my finger on it to supply a link.

i haven't done it in a while, but here's what i did:

expose and dodge - put the paper in a water bath, and let it soak.
after about a minute, put the paper in weak or semi-exhausted developer until the image just begins to appear, remove it and put it in a water bath again.

get the safety filter ready on the enlarger and align the image in the easel ( remove filter ) & "burn" - put in the developer, and repeat as needed.

it worked pretty well, but i got kind of tired of everything being wet and then there is the whole washing the developer off of my easel