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The safest way to not to pay any sales taxes is to have it shipped to a state with out a sales tax. I've seen internet vendor charge sales taxes for the states that have them. Most states do have a sales tax but there are a few which don't. I don't know all the states that don't have state sale taxes but California and Washington do have sales taxes.
Yes, but in general state sales tax is not collected on "mail order" purchases, unless the vendor has an office, store or warehouse in the state in which the goods are delivered. For example, some nationwide computer vendors have a warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee to expedite shipments via Fed-Ex (which has its hub there). So, if you were a resident of Tennessee, and you ordered a computer from one of these vendors that even though it does not have its corporate office in Tennessee, because the item is shipped from within Tennessee to a Tennessee address, sales tax would have to be collected.