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Blaming CFLs is a red herring. Whether or not you use CFL's or incadescents - it seems there is a wiring problem.

Which type of bulb is in the socket is immaterial once the CFLs warm to full light.

I would first check the efficacy of your switch and also replace the main plug and wire. To begin with, they look like fire hazards.

There's a reason that thing was stuck into the basement to begin with - and it was problem long ago - certainly long before there were CFLs.
There isn't a wiring problem, it was made to run half voltage to two incandecent lamps.

The bulb type isn't immatierial for photographic printing. There are many factors at work, including spectrum. See my post above.The idea that this type of bulb can be a direct replacement in all applications is the red herring.