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There isn't a wiring problem, it was made to run half voltage to two incandecent lamps.

The bulb type isn't immatierial for photographic printing. There are many factors at work, including spectrum. See my post above.The idea that this type of bulb can be a direct replacement in all applications is the red herring.
You do have a point on both counts, and remembering how Florescents work that does raise a concern for short-period exposure on photographic paper.

I'll likely go the route you mentioned lower wattage conventional bulbs (like 25 or so that they'd go half at 12 or so) Course if I go LED I'll redo the wiring completely and put those lights directly on the bottom of the box facing up but either route would work for the additional diffusing panel I was taking about because I want to experiment with the idea my co-worker came up with in terms of dodging contact prints by laying shapes down on the lower diffusion board.