Sestiere di Castello I part is dedicated to Vic and his feeling, as Dalmata, to going home when walking in the Riva degli Schiavoni, he is right: the Riva is dedicated from the Venetian to all the towns, villages and people who lived on the east coast of the Adriatic sea, la Dalmazia e i Dalmati.
Benvenuto nella Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia.
This is a tour in one part of Venice not too much see by tourists and with a real life (how long I’m unable to say). Have a detailled map in your hands to avoid lost.
Battello Linea 1 Fermata Giardini if you arrive by sea.
Riva degli Schiavoni that became riva dei Sette Martiri if you arrive by feet.
In front of the boat stop take the calle to Chiesa di San Iseppo, interesting altar on the left dedicated to the Lepanto Battle with a pronunced Arab influence. Bridge in front of the church arrive in Secco Marina turn on left and take first road right Calle delle Furlane where all the people coming from Venezia Giulia most east region in Itally immigrated in Venice when capital. You will see this tipical houses from that part of Italy. At the end of this calle you will turn to right until a wooden bridge that led you on the island of S. Pietro in Castello, take a look from the bridge to the view of ancient boatyards. You can enter in the Basilica di San Pietro, on your left you will see the cattedra of S. Pietro, interesting the use of incripted Arab marble. Take the steel bridge in front of you and will arrive in one of the most real Venexia part. Calle Larga and on the left Campo Ruga passing in Calle and Fondamenta Riello and then you will cross Calle S. Gioacchino and then in the same Fondamenta until you will arrive in Via Garibaldi, this is a very active (one of the last) part of Venexia.
Along Via Garibaldi you will find many palces to drink or eat (Osterie e Bacari) at the end on right the trattoria “Sottoprova” where you could have Venetian dishes. In front of you there is an ancient house of prow shape, it is the house of the Caboto family ancient navigators. You will take now Riva degli Shiavoni here you could visit the Museo Navale where there are many memories of sea story of Venexia, after that take on your right Fondamenta Arsenale until ponte del Paradiso before you can visit with the same ticket, if I remember well, the Ships section of the Museo Navale. Then you will see the magnificient Arsenale, take a close view of the entrance of Arsenale and good photos.
May be you want to rest and eat, two suggestions: Corte Sconta in Calle del Pestrin (looking at the lions take on left and at the end of the Fondamenta you will cross a small iron bridge and you are arrived) Al Covo in campiello della Pescheria near the above. They are not cheap, but they will serve excellent fish in Venetian recipes.