Sestiere di Castello II part
You can now feel the silence in Campiello del Piovan…turn back and take the ponte del Pestrin and bridge to Campo Gorme and take first road to the left, than the second street on your left and the first right, you will cross a bridge, turn left and you will arrive to the church dei Cavalieri di Malta. It was completely robbed by French troops (Napoleon era) and you can visit it only the day when it is open for the Mass, keep informations on the door, but the cloister will worth a visit. Then you must enter in the Scuola degli Schiavoni.
This was the heart of the Dalmatian community in Venice, it was builded in the first years of 1500 and the facade was from architect Giovanni De Zan. Inside you could find the histories of the three Patron Saints (Gerolamo, Trifone and Giorgio) for the Dalmatian, painted between 1502 and 1507 by Vittore (Scarpazza) Carpaccio (seven paintings), one of my favorite painter. If you enjoy his painting you will find more in the Accademia. Turn back and go along the canal in front of you in Fondamenta dei Furlani, take the ponte S. Antonin on your right, you will be in Salizada dei Greci, go until the bridge, do not cross it, go on your right you will arrive in another place to feel the silence. There you will find a Greek-Orthodox church dedicated to S. Giorgio, it was after the 1453 the main center for Greeks outside their land conquered by Turks, near the church that will worth a visit there is the only Istituto Ellenico di studi Bizantini e post-Bizantini outside the Greekland. Turn back to the Scuola degli Schiavoni, you will have it on your left, take the first road after the Scuola and then the first on your right, go ahead until you will find Ponte del Cristo, then Campo Celestia , in front of you two narrow roads, take the one more left, you will arrive in a while on a canal, first road on left and suddendly right……look in front of you!
This is one day in Venexia not for common tourists places.
Maybe after this long walk you will be able to discover other secret Venexia.
This is the initiation.
The boat stop is Celestia (right name for a place like this)
You can go (direction right) with boat number 52 cross out or 23 inside the Arsenale and have your dreams, the boats will stops in San Zaccaria or others mains stop.