Thank you for a quick guide of "Schiavonese" Venezia

I might as well join Vic in Venice for this "slavic" tour, being a Croat myself.

Interestingly, I'm just reading a longer version of your tour, with illustrations, in my edition of "Corto Sconto: itinerari fantastici e nascosti di Corto Maltese a Venezia" (Lizard edizioni 1998).

Being a big fan of Hugo Pratt and Corto Maltese, I was lucky to find this nice booklet during my visit to Rome in 1998 (I bought it at Libreria Feltrinelli on Piazza dell Torre Argentina when i visited Rome in 1998). It's been on a prominent place on my bookshelf at home all these years, and finally, I just might use it as a "Corto Maltese Itinerary" tour guide when I visit - with a little luck, this could be the year I'll finally visit Venezia.

Sory for the ramblings... Are you a fan of Corto Maltese, by any chance?

If this comes through, I'll try to find a few of the gardens illustrated in "Corto Maltese: Favola di Venezia"...