Greyhoundman is active over on I'm guessing he could repair this camera. I have two of these and they both work fine. I like them because few people seem to have ever used or even seen one. The push button rangefinder and the shutter release are my favorite features. I also like the split image rangefinder.

Just FYI, I paid 40 dollars (on rangefinder forum) for this camera which also includes it's leather (nice) ever ready case. So don't get too crazy with the CLA bill, or you might be in over your head if you ever want to sell it:

Enjoy it though!

My 2nd camera I actually purchased first, but it's not as nice. I think I paid $25 for it at an antique store. Interestingly enough, the lens is an f3.5 and the other is an f2.8. Again, it works just fine.

As for how they work? I like the contrasy single coated look they produce. The results out of that 'lesser' model are very sharp! Here's a sample:

Bigger version: