O.k., Andrey, here is what my instructors assigned:
In my b & w course last semester, we were to go out with our cameras, sit for 5 minutes. Using all 5 senses, take photos to represent each sense. For me, the sense of taste was rather easy: a photo of a near-by restaurant.
Another assignment entailed each of us acting as a "typical" tourist, with all of their usual photographic goofs, for 1/2 the roll; the other 1/2 we were to act as though we were "professional" photographers. This, was the most fun.
This semester, in my Color Photography, so far, has been to get better acquainted with our cameras 'normal' f/stop, by bracketing. This week, the assignment is of warm & cool images--warm tone image and cool tone image using local color & warm tone image and cool tone image using optical color.