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I don't know what to shoot.

I don't have a purpose to trip that shutter.

Subjects and themes turn me away for different reasons... starting from "it's been done" to "this will only excite me"

So, I would like to make a curriculum for myself.
Wow....your quandary is an unusual one. It kinda sounds like you're afraid to shoot because someone might find your photograph limited or boring. OTOH, "this will only excite me" is even more perplexing since it suggests you want to be bored by your own work????? I'm baffled by that statement!

In any case, making exposures, developing film, and printing as well as you can ought to excite your appreciation for the objects you've created... prints...let alone the personal expression that they may reveal. Just do it! A lot!! Worry about the "value" of what you've created later (or not at all). If you're comfortable in your own skin, you'll soon realize that whatever others may think, what you've created is worthwhile to you. Unless you're a two dimensional cipher, someone else will almost certainly be excited by what you've made. Start there...see what follows... best wishes and good luck!