okay, here are some basic beginning photo assignments
-- pick a single subject (scene, place, object) that promises to look good from a distance as well as up real close ..... take one or two rolls of film and begin shooting it from a scene-setting distance thru middle distances to extreme closeups, and along the way try to find as many different angles of view as you can
-- experiment with depth of field or with motion (or both) -- for dof, find subjects that you think would look best with sharpness from foreground to background, then seek out subjects that would look good isolated against a softly focused background or foreground-- shoot the former with small apertures and shoot the latter with larger apertures and close distances (or longer lenses) ..... for motion, pick a subject that's moving in a repeating fashion and experiment with slow and fast shutter speeds
-- experiment with composition by loading up some film and going hunting for contrasts, or for lines, or for boundaries, or for rhythm/pattern, or for formal vs assymetrical balance, or for texture, etc.