I remember a few of my assignments; Landscape, Macro or Close up, Abstract, Pick a photographer and emulate, find an image that distorts an image and leads you to believe it's something else, portrait, self-portrait. I remember only really putting 100% into the assignments that I was interested in. Otherwise, I taught myself maybe 65%, the rest I picked up through APUG, photo.net, the internet and books.

Classes are cool to show off in, or even to make friends with. It's fun sometimes to shoot with people, but no one likes 'that guy'.
There was one, he wasn't really very good, didn't care about photography. Or taking pictures. Or even his camera but it was a minty Canon F1. Jerk. Wanted to sell it for a 'new' one. The teacher and I kept telling him to sell it to us, but then we'd tell him to keep it. Argh.