Hi folks,

So sorry, I've been on vacation for the past couple of weeks. Just updating the status now and we're down to 4 people who have not sent prints yet. I will send one last PM reminder ... There are 10 people that haven't confirmed receipt of their prints. These are:
  • abcpyro <-- your print was sent
  • bdial <-- your print was sent
  • Justin
  • Jorge Orte Tudela <-- your print was sent
  • Marc Leest <--your print was sent
  • MattKing <-- your print was made, not sure if it was sent yet
  • Rjas <-- your print was sent
  • Semeuse <-- your print was sent
  • SpiralCity
  • UKJohn

So please update my update and let's make this round 100% complete. If, for whatever reason, the 4 people who haven't sent their print can't make and send a print, please send the print you have already received. Thanks.

I'll start another thread to see when we'd like to start the next round.

Regards, Art.