Hi, Andrey. I read through all of these posts and I hope my advise helps. As to literature, I self taught myself (redundant I know) on various literature over the years, but I found to be the most helpful Ansel Adams' Basic Photography Series of three books consisting of 'The Camera', 'The Negative' and 'The Print'. The Camera overviews cameras, lenses, accessories, etc. The Negative covers exposure and developing and THE ZONE SYSTEM. The Print covers printing and darkroom equipment. I strongly recommend these books. They are chock full of very pertinent information to film photography.

As to assignments: I have not yet set out with a specific project in mind. In fact I have found that of the images I have made I see projects developing. But I agree. I don't make images for the sake of exposing film. I see something that demands a picture and set it up so that I capture what it was that first drew me to it. It is very satisfying to know that you have made someting from your heart, truly given a piece of your soul to your photography.

An idea. I read somewhere that someone to motivate themselves would take two rolls of film . . . into their privy. Take a whole roll of images that show that they are in the bathroom and then expose the second roll with the idea in mind to remove any indication the you are in the john. That would be the challenge. To take such a small room and make 50 good images, 25 indicating your location and 25 hiding it. Just an idea. Never did it myself. Just thought it would be neat if I were to be so inspired.

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