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I use Neutol WA almost exclusively as a paper developer
Note that Neutol WA is an entirely different developer from Neutol Plus, which is the developer the original poster has been using. Neutol Plus is a phenidone/ascorbate (PC) developer, and the OP has been using it for that reason. According to the MSDS available from Freestyle, Neutol WA contains hydroquinone, which Neutol Plus doesn't use. There's no mention of any other developing agent in Neutol WA that I noticed in a quick scan, but it could be it contains phenidone in such small quantities that it didn't need to be mentioned. If so, that'd make it a PQ developer.

the keeping properties of Neutol are, in my opinion, on par with Rodinal. Buy a big bottle and it'll last a long while.
This may be true of Neutol WA, but I wouldn't assume it to be true of Neutol Plus. PC developers in general have an iffy reputation for longevity. I vaguely recall seeing claims of Neutol Plus going bad in the bottle in only a moderate period of time. Of course, since it's a paper developer, this isn't as bad as a film developer going bad, but I certainly wouldn't recommend that anybody buy more than a few months' anticipated supply of Neutol Plus (or the Tektol products I mentioned in an earlier post).