Yes, Photoshop is about the digital, dark side and this isn't about photography at all actually but the following made me split a gut and applies
to so many things these days.

(One shouldn't be cruel, one really shouldn't. People must be allowed to draw their inspiration as they see fit. And yet...)

From the pages of Advanced Photoshop, the magazine for Adobe Photoshop professionals, their section called "peer pressure -- our pick of the best reader submissions sent to us this month":

The winner's quotation: "I would say my style is surreal/fantasy-based with a touch of sci-fi here and there. I absolutely adore the work of M C Escher and Salvador Dali. Who knows what they would have been capable of creating, should they have had Photoshop at their disposal"

Unfortunately, the execrable winning picture does not allow for any irony in the above.