speaking about Venexia, is for me, with people outside Venetian region very difficult.
The town changed in a dramatic way in the last 25 years, it seems more and more a fake attraction for tourists that, on the other side, want only very recognizable and "easy" places to consume in a sort of quick ceremony. This could be apply for most of the touristic towns in Italy, I live in Verona and I know this very well.
For this reason I try to give you some informations about Venexia out of choir.
I will give you some more next days to improve your want to see real life and sites in a town that shows (on request) only packaged glamour visions for blind people.
I like your set of cameras for Venexia, more Holgas and Pinholes will help you to catch the suspended time of a water town in the end of winter.
I provide you these weather report web pages, so you will prepare the right suits, shoes and films:
since you have some Italians blood use it to understand
I will in Venexia next week even if in the Carnival time is not my favorite to be there.
Denis fan of Corto Maltese, first Hugo Pratt story (La ballata del mare salato) were published in 1967 I was a teenagers, now many years after when I enter my son's room I see on the shelf all the collection new and old of Corto stories and I have a strange feeling.....