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I think I may have developed a reaction to the chemicals i'm using in the darkroom.

I have been using Neutol WA, and TF-4 and then another similar ammonia smelling alkalii fix (plain water stop). Over the past two weeks, I have an increasingly sore throat and what feels like tonsilitis ... lumpy, painful & swollen inside. My darkroom is quite small and I havent yet got round to installing an extractor fan (it is planned but I have to wait for the new windows to be fitted which will have a hole cut into them for this).

My fiancee thinks I'm being my normal hypochondriacal-self and puts it down to a cold developing, but i am not convinced.

Until now, I hadnt done any darkroom work since two years ago, and that one was a bit bigger and had no ventilation, but i did notice a similar effect albeit much milder and I wasn't using the ammonia smelly fixers then (but was using neutol).

My questions are:-
1) has anyone else heard of or experienced similar reactions to darkroom chemical fumes. If so, could it be something in the Neutol ...?
2) would a heavy duty respirator be of any use before I get the extractor fitted?

these are quite "big" questions, I know, but if anyone has had similar experiences, please let me know - I am panicking that I am going to have to stop using my newly built darkroom and that could only have one eventuallity - bow down before the inkjet god - not something I really want to consider!

I suffer an allergic reaction to chemical, Metol being the main culprit, and for that reason have to do all my developing - both film and paper - in drums to minimise exposure. I doubt that a respirator will help unless it's the forced air type that paint sprayers use. In your case it seems probable that adequate ventilation will effect a cure. The inkjet route is the one I'm trying to back out of, so don't go there!