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What would be different is that you'd look at his stuff, roll your eyes and think "I know where the filters are in photoshop too, big deal" and that would be that.

people already say that when they see a photograph, but when they try
to reproduce something that was made on film or paper, they soon
realize that even with the same film, camera and notes the photographer
"gave up" in the magazine or forum or where-ever ( velveeta, 1/250S f22 &C )
they still can't make the same print or expose film (or sen$or ) the same way.

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I really don't believe I'd be thinking that. Maybe if I had a head injury, but it's not quite probable.

The only difference between digital painting and oil is that it takes a "ctrl+Z" to undo your last stroke. With oil you have to scrape it off, but in the end it's the same thing.

you are EXACTLY right