The metering is great. You get center weighted or spot (I can't remember if spot is with the AE finder or just with the waist level finder). That Waist Level Finder goes for crazy prices on eBay (over $600). From time to time I want to sell my Contax/140/80/35 set up but then I just think how wonderful the images are when I do take them.

If someone wants to make a reasonable offer on the entire kit including the camera battery grip, AE finder, Waist Level Finder, 80mm, 35mm and 140mm hoods, 2 backs (one with vacuum), Polaroid Back, lens bags, tripod plate and a Contax camera bag, Private Mail me on APUG. All is in like new condition. You can't see a scratch anywhere (the carbonite-plastic does leave some light marks but if you lick you finger and rub it over, they go a way for a while. Its a very interesting material). That said, there are no scratches or gashes on any of the equipment.

I live outside NYC if you want to see the equipment. I do think its time to thin out the heard. I have bought too many systems. What can I say, I love to buy and use film cameras.