Undrinkable coffee??? try caffenol for developing film
(formulas in the alternative forum here)

I did a lot of that staining with tea and coffe... it was fun, and even after 10 years the pics look good (they are framed @my mom's house)
Just prepare a very strong tea batch (6 or 8 bags in 1l), let it cool down to luke warm and then put your wet prints in there until the tone you want is achieved. I liked to wash after toning for a couple of minutes.
I tried toning once with mint tea but the green tone faded quickly

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I did a batch of Ilford WT RC 11x14's in cheap Walmart tea a few months ago that looked great. I was worried about the high temp involved but the prints had no ill effects at all. I've not tried coffee yet. My wife bought a large can of some generic coffee recently that proved to be undrinkable so I have the raw materials to try it.