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Picked up Diane's print today. I really like it, the derelict sign is great fun. My wife also liked it a lot. The more I look at the whole plate format, the more I am liking it. It also gives me an idea what Arches Platine is like, as I have some on order. Looking at the paper, it appears that one side is rougher than the other. Is it possible to coat on either side, or do you recommend coating on the smoother side?

Thanks again.
Glad you liked it. It was my first pt/pd print with a whole plate negative. I forgot how difficult printing in the winter was. We had reasonable humidity levels in the house for one evening and that was it.

I think it's recommended to coat Arches Platine on the smoother side. I have a 35 mm IR shot of that sign from a couple of years ago before it was blown over to what you see in the print I sent you. Yes, that damage to the sign was due to the wind!