Here's what works for me. (This is my b&w film system - 90% of what I shoot)

Develop and contact on 8.5"x11" (no not 8"x10")

Medium and Large format
Contact (rough set, who cares... on 8"x10")
Edit the film (get rid of all that crap you'll never use anyhow)
Contact on 8.5"x11" (no not 8"x10") I like the slightly larger paper and the bit of border it gives me, especially with large format

All the film goes into Print Files Pages.
35mm - Print File 7 rows of 5
Medium Format - Print File 3 rows of 3 individual pockets
Large Format - Print File 4 up

I use Print File workboxes (small 1.5" size to store both film and contacts. I devide by project/type of work. (Film is kept separte from Contacts) I have twin binders for each group. example: B&W Architecture, B&W Architecture Contacts.

Each roll is dated and captioned and filed sequentially... The contact sheet book follows the same format as the corresponding negs. I label the outside of the binders in the flat area provided.

I found this system works really well for me if I keep up with doing my contact sheets... I re-edited a ton of work a few years back and found that by doing the edit before I did finished contact, I keep the best and good stuff, but getting rid of all the duds right then and there helps ME keep track of what's going on.