How much trouble do you have evaluating your own work? I really struggle with coming up with definite acceptance or rejection of my own work. It is like being Bipolar. I can be really excited about something and think it is good one day and then think it is trash the next day. It is from some changing perspective on things and evaluating from one point of view one day and another point of view another time. It causes a lot of wasted time and confusion for me. I can be working on a project and spend a bunch of time on producing a lot of work and it seems like I am doing something that is very important to me. Then after awhile I lose the ability to see anything good about the work and it just seems like garbage. I have litterally thrown away whole garbage cans full of work on impulse when work that had seemed worth while before all of a sudden seemed to have no redeaming value. And it works in reverse as well. I completely reject something and keep throwing it in the reject box and then one day I look at it and, wow that looks sort of interesting. then I put it in a mat and put it up on the wall and wow it is really good. How come I didn't see it like that before?

I spend an awful lot of time evaluating what I have done and reevaluating it over and over with changing points of view and sometimes it is good and sometimes it is crap. It is maddening.

I end up displaying stuff in mats for long periods of time trying to get a feeling for the work that I can depend on.

Does anyone have any personal tricks they use to keep clear vision and open mind while self evaluating art work?
Just curious