This is all amusing, had I known further in advance, I might have waited. But the situation is a little strange anyway, as I no longer work! Anyway, in my retirement, as I inflict more silliness on PBase about my camera "collection" I realized I don't currently know the whereabouts of any shots known to have come from my Brownie Target 620. So I respooled a roll of Delta 100 and put it through less than two weeks ago. Probably first time it had film in it in at least 40 years or more.

Technically it appears the Target 620 doesn't qualify for toy camera day, as it's not plastic(!) The outer box is some sort of fake leather covered cardboard, the inside is a mix of sheet metal and what looks to be a wooden block. (It predates the Hawkeye series which were plastic -- or bakelite.)

Anyway, it still works and I've had it since it was new, circa 1950. Guess Mom & Dad made a good investment . . .