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Bob has a great thought here, but I beg to differ slightly; I would get 10, or even 20 rolls of another kind of film (if you actually do switch) and soup them in the dev you're using for Tri-X. I can take awhile to learn what a film/dev combo can and cannot do. Different EI's, agitation routines, dev times, amount you dilute a dev, temperature, etc., all make a difference.
Absolutely true of course: the more rolls the better idea you get. My thoughts were that as Marko is still at school, he'd want to keep his experimenting costs down. If he's gonna buy 10 or 20 rolls he may as well just go out and buy a 100' bulk roll (as he does for Tri-X) for about the same price .

Addendum to original post. If you do want to try others Marco, I suspect Delta 400 or Tmax 400 would be the best choices as they both have a very different look to Tri-X, being "newer technology" films with a different grain structure. Arguably, Delta is more forgiving of exposure and development inaccuracies than Tmax according to my reading (I never did get on with Tmax 100 and that sort of put me off Tmax 400 - I don't think I've ever used it)...

One option to add another string to your bow would be Delta 3200 or Tmax 3200. I keep meaning to try them but Tmax 3200 seems to be only available in 35mm and neither are in 4x5". I don't know the bulk-roll supply situation with either.

Have fun, Bob.