Wow great reply GreyWolf! While I have been fairly happy with the sharpness of my prints, I am wondering if somehow I couldn't make it better. I know that I need to align my new enlarger. Time to get out the laser and mirrors! Oh and some bubble levels too. I would like to test out another 210 or 150 LF lens against mine to see if I can see any difference in neg sharpness. I can't wait to try out my new Rodagon 150, but have had a bit of a challenge getting it to fit to the enlarger lens turret. Maybe tomorrow night.

In another post on this board, and PN too, I have asked for some advice on adjusting my color head laterally. Still no replies so I guess I'm on my own. Since the move I can't find any of my tools so should be fun.

Good to hear from you again.