I've gone from the great - Los Angeles - to the OK - Denver - to the Vast Wasteland, Sarasota. I would like to know where, if anywhere, a guy can buy darkroom stuff, get professional lab work done, and peruse and buy old camera stuff.

My family bought our house from the people that owned Norton's Camera here in 1959. Dad and his dad were pro's, so for a number of years Norton's was OK for my needs.

I have returned to Sarasota after 35 years and there is, like, dude, nothing here any more. Several guys at Wolf Camera near Sarasota HS are old Norton employees, and they know of my frustrations. Yesterday I bought some film, they had only 1 24 exp. roll of PX, and a few 36 TX. Mark confirmed that there is no more public darkroom and no more pro lab in the area. They will also probably be dropping E6 processing due to lack of demand and increasing regulation of chemicals!

I have looked at the online yellow pages and the closest pro lab seems to be Miami. That's a non-starter, I can mail to Denver and the labs I know. I have always loved poking around in camera stores for old stuff on the cheap. (Actually, I can remember doing that in NYC when my dad the photog had to go into the city for things. Heaven, even as a kid!)

So, does anyone know of any hidden purveyors of my desires?

Thanks, Paul