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Curtis, Iím flattered that you mention my name in the same sentence as Kim Weston (a photographer who is far, far more significant than I am). And I appreciate that your figurenude concept is important to you. But if you want to promote your figurenude concept and your website then please start a thread in the appropriate forum rather than continually spamming this article. Thank you.
Let me add my voice to Ians.
The "thoughts" here are certainly valid and worthy of consideration, but some will disagree.

I, for one, will take exception to the idea that there "should be no interaction between the viewer ..."
What specific "interaction" could be in question, I do not know ... but, IMHO, the idea of establishing some *relation* between "figure" and "viewer" through the photographer is of paramount importance.

"Eroticism"? - I remember one painter - Renoir? - who was asked if his work was "erotic". He answered, "If it is not, I have failed miserably".