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The fact that you interacted with the model does not mean that there must be interaction with the viewer of the photo.
?Must??? Nothing is mandatory ... To me, "interaction" is necessary. Who has the authority to declare what must, or must not, be done?

Erotica is NOT bad at all. It is just not found in figurenudes. Sensual, perhaps, but not intentionally erotic.
Just as a 'landscape' may appeal to your senses of beauty, a figurenude should as well.
Not all fine art nudes are figurenudes. Few art nudes actually are. They are not superior to another nude. They are just different.
This appears to be an exercise is separating "Fine Art Nudes" from "Figurenudes" ... or am I mistaken? That is a distinction I have trouble making - and I don't see any necessity for making it. Perhaps you can post examples of each so that we can determine the difference between the two?

... Depending on whether you accept the Bible or not, humans were created nude. The first 'blood sacrifice' for human sin was integrated in clothing them. Animals lost their skins. Fig leaves just didn't cut it...

... I always say, " If God had ever wished a woman's figure to be presented nude, He would have done it first Himself." ...
Now I am lost. Skinless animals? The creator DID first present woman (and man) nude.