Here is the data Sandy King posted on the Azo Forum in March, 2004:

Below are some recommendations from my recent testing of Efke PL 100 and JandC 200. The information is keyed to SBR reading, but if you don't understand this terminology just understand that a SBR of 7 is for normal outdoor lighting in the sun, or equivalent, SBR of 5.5 is for very low contrast situations, and SBR of 9 is for subjects with lots of contrast.Development is based on rotary processing, with gentle but constant agitation, in Pyrocat-HD with the 2:2:100 dilution. Times for ABC Pyro, though not specifically tested, would be approximately the same with a dilution of 1:1:1:17.

SBR Time (minutes)
11 4
10 6
9 7
8 7:45
7 9:30
6 14
5.5 18

For semi-stand agitation with Efke PL 100, I use 16.5 minutes at 21 C. I agitate (in a tray) for 30 seconds initally, stand with no agitation for 8 minutes, agitate gently for 5 seconds and stand without agitation for the remainder of the 16.5 minutes.

Be sure to presoak the film in water for 5 minutes before developing.