My darkroom is in the center of a new house my wife and I built in rural Texas in 2002. The room measures 12 Ĺ feet by 9 feet, with an 8 foot sink and an 8 foot countertop on the dry side. Iíve got an adjacent closet for the storage of negatives, prints and cameras.

The enlarger is a wall mounted LPL 4550 XL with the color module in place. Iíve got the VCCE module, but found I prefer printing VC with the dichroic color head.

Iím set up to print FB and RC black and white in print sizes up to 16x20, from negatives from 35mm through 4x5.

Iíve got Zone VI print washers in 11x14 and 16x20, and an Intellifaucet D250 to control water temp. Prints are dried on screens which fit in slots beneath the counter.

Assuming I start shooting 4x5 this year, Iíll be processing TMX in BTZS tubes. My main film in 35mm and medium format has been XP2 for many years and, although I have access to perfectly good 35mm C41 processing at the local grocery store, Iím nowhere near a lab that will do 120 C41, so I may well go back to using a conventional film in 120 format.

All in all, itís a great room to work in, and Iím grateful to have it!

Thanks for looking,

East Snook, TX