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I suppose I will just leave you all alone. Figurenude may be a 'misappropriation' of two words that are common. I do not care if anyone else accepts it or if anybody besides myself understands it. It is starting to look like very few do. Dismiss it as you will. I was asked to post examples?
Well ... the way I would probably evaluate these if I were to experience them hanging in a Gallery -

From the top:

1. Nicely done "Fine Art".

2. Somewhat "coarse" in my aesthetic opinion. Are aesthetics in question?

3. Odd. Not really erotic - Possibly still within the bounds of "Fine Art", but arguable. Emotional response: flinch.
There is an interaction >within< the photograph. Was that incorrectly described as a "relation" between the *photograph* and the *viewer*?

4. No. Fine Art, at some level.

I think I'll avoid using the term "figurenude". It seems grossly affected, and unnecessary.