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My darkroom is in the center of a new house my wife and I built in rural Texas in 2002. The room measures 12 Ĺ feet by 9 feet, with an 8 foot sink and an 8 foot countertop on the dry side.


My main film in 35mm and medium format has been XP2 for many years and, although I have access to perfectly good 35mm C41 processing at the local grocery store, Iím nowhere near a lab that will do 120 C41, so I may well go back to using a conventional film in 120 format.

That's a nice looking lab, and it is obvious that you have put much thought and resources into it and have plenty of good gear. Yet, you take your film to the grocery store. I would suggest going to "conventional" film in all formats. Developing black and white film is the easy part. But then, that's just me. YMMV

Another Texan,