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I feel photographs of the nude can become photographs of the naked… (snip) Both images have their merits in appropriate grounds and may warrant praise. However I feel too often both realms can slip into the Why factor? cliché images often draw me to this thinking, and all i am able to settle upon is reasons of a less tasteful nature.
Cliché, the bane of all art… The world is awash with “me too” imagery and with photos where the photographer believes they’ve created art just because they’ve made a picture of a beautiful subject (though mostly they’ve just managed to make a beautiful subject look mundane).

Eddie Ephraums has said that every photographer should be able to sum up their guiding principles in three words (see Ag #50 for a very interesting and though provoking article). My three words are Explore, Reveal and Celebrate. Knowing my purpose helps me avoid cliché (or at least, I hope it does ).

But I’m inclined to be more generous about why people make clichéd images: all violin makers can make violins, but only Stradivarius could make a Stradivarius.