It's th commissioned ones I was really referring to - which is actually the vast majority. These tend to be commissioned privately and often for husbands or partners. One was someone who said to me - "I'll never look better than this and I want to remember it." So they're images which I wouldn't feel comfortable showing anyone - privately or otherwise. The reason I give the negs is that the client need never concern themselves that such images will appear publicly. Legal recourse for such publication is not the point with these.

I fully understand the point about using my work but, as it's not my mainstream anyway I'm not overly concerned. Plus the fact that I'm very certain that none of the clients has any interest in their publication or distribution. I usually encourage the client to bring a friend or partner to the sitting - not one of them has, but I feel the offer gives them a degree of comfort.

Do you guys find this work difficult as well? Every commission I've had for this work has been for "Fine Art Black and White Nudes." As such, you know the client wants evocative images - but that dividing line is so damn thin!