Hi John,

I break the seal in the dark, unwrap the film & backer paper to the end, then rewrap it going the opposite direction. I keep a tape dispenser next to my enlarger (darkroom is small!) and put a bit of tape to hold it in place. Then I either carry it a while in my jeans pocket or put it in a little black bag in the drawer. It loosens the tight curl and makes loading it onto the spool really easy. And fast. I always plan ahead enough to do that before I process. I'll leave it like that at least a couple hours, but have left it a couple days. Less if in my pocket because the body warmth seems to soften enough to make it loosen more quickly.

I'll tell you... I tried for over 35 minutes this morning to get that durn film on and could not!

How-in-the-world do you get it on your spools, so tightly curled?